The Amateur Radio Pages Of
Gordon W8CT & Cheryl W8AMA

  The shack line up is as follows. For HF the Yaesu FT-1000MP, Kenwood TL-922A linear amplifier, Palstar AT-2K antenna tuner, Palstar 2K dry dummy load. I have a Heil GM-5 dual element microphone on the HF rig. I have an FT-920 connected to the the SignalLink USB interface and use this setup as the primary rig for all the digital modes. For VHF/UHF I have the IC-910H at the base and assorted handhelds and mobiles. I would like to pull together the gear to run some EME and satillite in the near future.
  The antennas are a home brew gamma fed vertical for 40 meters, an inverted "L" for 160 and another for 75 meters. I enjoy working 160,75/80, and 40 meters most often.  At the present I don't have any antennas for 10/15/20, I tune one of the inveted L's. There are plans to fill that antenna void this spring.
   It is mostly a winter hobby for me. Bluegrass & traditional music festivals, ( I play guitar and a little mandoline), golf, and family, take up the summer. 
   I work as a computer network administrator and telecommunications technician to pay the bills. My wife works in the medical field and is a general class amateur, W8AMA. The kids are grown and married and I now have four grandaughters and a grandson. My son-in-law Mike got the bug and is an Extra Class WY8F, my daughter Anne ( XYL of WY8F ) just got her Technician Class and a new vanity call (a family tradition)  K8AKO.

73's Gordon

The Shack, most current photo.
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