160 Meter Beverage Antenna

   I have added a beverage antenna to the farm .... It is oriented to the south, and is as long as I could make it and still stay with those pesky property lines. I won't be labor all the theory and math and such as many much more adept then myself have done that for us. I consulted ON4UN Low-Band DX handbook and found W8JI's (www.w8ji.com) web site very valuable. I wound the input matching transformer from the info on W8JI's web site. I didn't have the same binocular toroid that he did but I had some Amidon bn-73-1502's left from a previous project and used fiberglass transformer tape to tape 2 of them together and then wound the transformer as per his instructions for 75 ohm coax. I had a 470 ohm non-inductive resistor for the termination end of the antenna. I purchased 2 plastic project boxes to house the components from Radio Shack and the stainless steel nuts bolts and fittings from the local hardware. Following are some pictures of my installation. Hope they give you an idea of how I constructed the antenna. I have found that it is a great antenna for receiving on 160, 80/75 and 40 meters. and am pleased with the project. I would have liked to have gone a full wave length on 160 but space dictated a half wave. It still works quite well and I am hearing signals to the south on CW & phone that I have never heard before. If you have the real-estate (or very understanding neighbors) this antenna was well worth the effort. The distance above ground is 6 foot as I have a large number of whitetail deer that move through the area, and I don't want to have to repair the antenna or impede the wildlife movement.
   First photo is the termination end with the 470 ohm resistor inside the box connected to the beverage wire and a ground rod. The second photo is the input end where the matching transformer is located inside the box and connected to a chassis mounted F fitting, the beverage wire and a ground rod. Both boxes are weather sealed with a silicon type sealer. The bottom photo is the matching transformer, the black band is the 75 ohm end, be sure to mark it or use different color wire for each winding, as once it is wound it is hard to tell. The yellow insulators are electric fence insulators from the farm supply. 
The beverage wire is 17 gauge zinc plated steel electric fence wire. I tried using the 17 gauge aluminium but broke it twice while tightening the wire.
   If you have any questions send me an email at W8CT@arrl.net ....

Termination End

Feed Point