Ham Activites

2-25-2013 ... Worked the CQ 160 Contest this last week-end.  Mike WY8F, Anne K8AKO, Cheryl W8AMA and myself worked 22 hours of the contest. We caught all of the lower 48 except South Dakota. I heard 'em but couldn't catch'em. We got 9 DX multipliers and  had 363 contacts. The food was great, and we had a great time.  The 160 contest has turned into a family event, just like a holiday.

Daughter Anne K8AKO logging, and son-in-law Mike WY8F working, during the CQ 160 Contest ... Anne also caused a couple pile up's ..  Something about a YL's voice in a contest !!!

The new 6 meter antenna ....

6 element 50MHz OP-DES Yagi 

from InnoVAntennas.